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2012-04-23 - 12:51 p.m.

There's something to be said for a good work ethic, but the longer I live in Chicago and the more I read about who we elect to run this country, the less I believe it's a good idea to teach a good work ethic anymore.

I think it's time that we all became the looters and grifters that run this world. As I speak, the new office manager who began in December is not here again today. That makes by my count of her taking about 2-1/2 weeks off since she began. I haven't had a day off since I last was on vacation in October. Not one single day.

She comes in, she disappears. No one can find her. I wouldn't have a job if I called in sick that much or left in the middle of the day that much. And, seriously, how much vacation did they give her to start? This shit drives me nuts.

This shit is why I have to leave my job. Every single person they have hired in the last two years is honestly a fucking grifter. And NO ONE CARES. Of course, it drives me batshit, but apparently not the people tasked with making this company profitable and able to run day-to-day. Doesn't bother them one iota.

I need to let it go. I have to stop thinking that it even matters if I do my job. It apparently doesn't for all those who are above me. It makes me want to cry.



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